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Noragami Secret Santa Exchange by Patches365
Noragami Secret Santa Exchange
Drew this for the Noragami Secret Santa gift exchange over on Tumblr.  I've been the scanlator for the Noragami manga for over a year now, so I guess it was high time I actually made some art for the series.  X3

Dialogue is in Japanese, but if you're familiar with the series it should be easy to guess.  But for those who aren't:

Top panel: "Come, Sekki!"
Bottom panel: "How do you like my ice sculpture?"
Beerus the Destructo-kitty by Patches365
Beerus the Destructo-kitty
At first I wondered why the most powerful god of destruction was depicted as a kitty cat, but then I realized... destroys stuff on a whim with a flick of his hand... finicky eater... gives no craps about anything...  Why WOULDN'T he be a kitty cat?

I know this is a fandom I haven't contributed to before, so to my other followers, this is Beerus, God of Destruction, from Dragon Ball Super and the two recent movies, Dragon Ball Battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Resurrection F.
Memoirs Chapter 62 - Master Plan (Page 2) by Patches365
Memoirs Chapter 62 - Master Plan (Page 2)
The second page of my latest "Memoirs" manga offering.  This page took four days to complete just on its own.  Page 1 only took two days.  And that was even after being helped along by Paint Tool SAI's new perspective ruler feature that made drawing backgrounds so much easier.

Page 1

Original scene:

Akagane was inside the room, in his civilian garb, looking to be both alive and uninjured, and I could tell that both Hisui and Kogane were relieved. He was holding a scrap of paper aloft in front of him and declared, "At long last, the master plan is completed. Now nothing can stop me." He shakily rose to his feet and drew his sword, pointing it at us and proclaiming, "Your life is now forfeit, obstructive wardrobe."

... He'd gone crazy.

Akagane blinked hazily at Hisui, seemingly not even registering who she was for a moment. His shoulders finally slumped and he muttered, "... What are you doing here?"

Memoirs Chapter 62 - Master Plan (Page 1) by Patches365
Memoirs Chapter 62 - Master Plan (Page 1)
I felt like doing another manga version of a "Memoirs" scene, this time from chapter 62.  It ended up taking two pages to do the whole scene, though.  I also adjusted the original setup to remove Hisui's father since I would rather his design be left to the imagination.

Page 2

Original scene of this page:

Hisui was already quickly shuffling down the corridor with her father lumbering behind her, so I dizzily righted myself and followed. We came to a room in the rear that... appeared to have a large cabinet blocking it. Hisui raised an eyebrow in confusion and wondered, "Wait, you... locked him in the room? Why?"

I was wondering that myself, as Hisui's father shoved the cabinet out of the way and slid open the door. The only reason to keep him locked up was if he'd gone crazy or something.



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I'll be once again manning a table at Youmacon this year, Halloween weekend in Dearborn, MI.  I'll have some of my more popular sticker designs back, plus a few new ones to add to the mix.

I will also have candy. :P  It's Halloween, after all.

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Patches365 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014
Sorry, I don't really follow Attack on Titan closely enough to be able to translate any fanworks from it (especially since this comic looks pretty AU).  I'm not personally familiar with anyone who translates that series, though I know they exist.
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